Mature Dating 50 Plus

Sex isn’t just for the young. More and more seniors are realizing that intimacy should not stop after mid-life. The question in their minds these days is this: What does it take to keep the fire and passion ablaze for mature dating 50 plus seniors? Hopefully these insights will help:

In a study conducted by AARP, a not for profit organization addressing the issues and needs of people over 50, it was found that Americans over the age of 45 are enjoying what they call a “second sexual revolution.”  More than half of the 1,682 seniors surveyed stake the same position that sexual activity is vital to a relationship and is important for a good quality life. The study also pointed out that more participants have sought help and sex information from health magazines, healthcare professionals, and many other resources compared to the statistics in 1999. In addition, the use of sex hormones, medicines and other treatments saw an overwhelming growth.

Mature dating 50 plus seniors may find (in more ways than one) that sex isn’t the same as when they were in their younger years. This is because of many different factors, mostly pointing out to the natural process of ageing. Our bodies go through changes many times throughout our lifetime and as we age, certain hormones are lost, energy may be hard to come by, and stamina may not be as high as 10 years ago. Men’s erections may not be as firm or as large, women may experience vaginal dryness and discomfort due to menopause, and orgasms may be less intense.

These factors are inevitable, but instead of completely leaving out romance and intimacy, older couples can seek help from doctors and health specialists. These experts can provide different treatments to rekindle that romantic flame. Medication can be prescribed for erectile dysfunction, while hormonal shots or lubricants can be given to women.

Whatever challenges you may be facing in your age, whether it be lack of self confidence or a health issue, you should let them ruin your mature dating life.  Go out there are prove what we all know – that romance is sweeter the second time around.

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