Older Online Dating Tip

As people get older online dating becomes more and more appealing, especially because of the excitement and sense of adventure it brings. Finding your rusty flirting skills can be hard, especially when you’ve been out of the mature datinggame for quite some time. There is also the issue of being age-inappropriate. You can’t exactly do the same things you used to in your 20’s. Here are the cardinal flirting rules to keep in mind to keep the romance alive without looking inappropriate for your age:


  1. Less is more. Leave the excessive public display of affection to younger couples. Be subtle in showing your affection. Limit your PDAs to “almost touches” like resting your head on the other’s shoulder or picking lint off his jacket. Even a simple smile is enough to create that spark.


  1. Dress appropriately. If you’re a woman, hand over those miniskirts to your grandchildren. Wearing see-through or hugging clothes is not the best idea. Instead, take a more elegant approach to how you dress. Wear a pendant to draw attention to your neck and chest, rather than opting for plunging v-necks.


  1. Learn to engage in conversation. Conversational skills is very important, so you need to learn the art of open-ended questions and throw in a compliment or two once in a while. When you run out of words to say, a well timed glance coupled with a sweet grin is in order.


  1. Be witty. Just be your old witty, charming, and playful self and enjoy the experience. Dating and flirting at a later age are great confidence boosters and great reminders that you can still enjoy little sweet things.


Instead of just staying in your old house and burying yourself in loneliness, go out to the world and seek new adventures with older dating. You’ be surprised at how much there is to see out there, just when you think you have accomplished everything you are set out to do in this world. Join a club, get to know your neighbourhood, and travel places. These are important for self rediscovery, and finding good company is a good bonus.

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